Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And away they go!

The adventure continues! The D pups turned in today to CCI in Santa Rosa. Tomorrow many of them will be winging their way around the country. The pups will be all over the country north, south, east and west.

Here is the beginning of the journey into the next phase of their lives. Off to puppy raisers!

Into our crates, in the car

In our crates, in the car
Out of the crates at CCI, into the transport bin

At CCI, into the transport bin
Off to Puppy Park!

Off to Puppy Park
Puppy Park!!

Puppy Park 1
Puppy Park 2
Puppy Park 3
Puppy Park 4
Puppy Park 5
Puppy Park 6
Bye, bye D pups!! Mama Tamlyn and your BCs wish you all the best on your journeys into the future! You've been a "D"elight start to finish. Have a great time, puppy raisers! We'd love to hear about your adventures with the D's. You can reach us at

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Because of the storm!

The pups spent their last evening with us playing in a makeshift "outdoors" in our family room since the storm made it impossible to be outside. A large tarp became the floor and a couple of x-pens created the boundaries. We added some toys but the pups most favorite toy of the evening was Tamlyn...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Before the storm....

The remnant of a typhoon has travelled across the Pacific and will apparently slam into our area tomorrow with an unusually heavy October storm. So, no "great outdoors" for the pups on their last full day with us. They got their final experience of outdoors with us today. Afterwards, we need to tear down the pen and tie down what's left--strong gusty winds come with the rain tomorrow.

Downside: no outdoor time for the pups on Tuesday. Upside: the storm will clean the patio for us!

Next outdoor time will be at Puppy Park!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gettin' ready to go...

The pups are spending time each day getting used to crates in preparation for their first great CCI adventure: turn-in to Santa Rosa and then off to puppy raisers. The pups will be taken to the CCI campus on Wednesday, 10/14, and, as best we know, will be off to puppy raisers far and wide the very next day. Some of these pups will head north, others east, others to the mountain center, others to the southwest and still others to points unknown (to us that is! :-) ). These pups will be raised all over the country!

Here are the pups practicing their "traveling digs":

Dionne and Desmond in a crate
Delmar and Diamond in a crate
Dre and Daya in a crate
Doreen and Delight in a crate.jpg
Dan in a crate
As always, the pups are under the watchful eye of Mom!

Tamlyn supervises crate training

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Starring.........The D Pups!

The pups have been growing like crazy and are developing into their own little persons (dogs?). To give a bit of a sense of each one individually... Lights, camera, lots of action...

Presenting the D Pups on Parade!

Tunnel Away, Daya!!

Rock and Roll, Dre!!

Juggling Jugs, Dan!!

Big Chew, Dionne!!

Go for the Ring, Doreen!!

Climb, Climb, Climb, Delight!!

Stretch, Desmond!!

Special note: Desmond was the last pup recorded and all of them had been playing for quite a while. So you'll find him stretching for a snooze--much like the other pups about the same time. He's a lot more active as a co-star in some of the other videos...

Center of the Action, Delmar!!

Have a Ball, Diamond!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Litter Picture

Today the D's had their litter picture taken. It's quite an extravaganza! Here's an unofficial copy--the names are not official until after the litter turns in and may still be changed. The "official" picture won't have names.

Many thanks to Peggy Keefe, the photographer extraordinaire!

D Litter Picture
Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems. For a shot with nine puppies, step one is to spend vast amounts of puppy energy playing before the picture. The pups played in the great outdoors and on the lawn for about an hour before the picture was attempted.

Lawn 1: Desmond and Delight
Lawn 2: Dionne
Lawn 3: Diamond, Delight and Dre
Lawn 4: Daya, Doreen and Dan
Lawn 5: Delmar and Dre
Even getting the picture is an adventure! The most favorite spot besides in the cart is.... on the move... and out of the cart...

Pups on the move
Pup outta the cart!
So, it takes many puppy wranglers to get a litter picture. Many, many thanks to the D Litter wranglers: Doreen Contes, Teresa Hart and Kristin Shahan!

And, just like everything else puppy, this adventure ends with a snooze...

Post-picture nap!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Great Outdoors, Continued

The pups continue to have fun playing outside. Every day they get a bit bigger. We introduce new toys and other object for them to check. Here's part of the great outdoors on Saturday.